The BobaGuard Story

The BobaGuard Story

Around the start of the millennium, an information revolution created a glaring gap in the legal marketplace: Big Law was modernized, but smaller firms were stranded when they couldn’t afford IT departments.

So I started a company to fill the niche.

GlobalMac IT was founded to supply small to midsize law firms with outsourced big-firm services they couldn’t access on their own. By leveraging our clients’ collective scale and perfecting remote system maintenance, we’ve kept practices humming, their data secure, and attorneys focused ever since.

For 17 years we’ve thrived, serving a happy clients base with a talented team while I’ve been blessed to expand my beautiful family, find recognition in the field, and even write a couple of legaltech books along the way. Goals met!

Then the cycle started repeating with cybersecurity.

Recent adoption of the cloud has brought simplified legal technology to solo and smaller firms (great!)…but also multiplied complex security challenges (scary!). This dangerous dynamic lets tech-challenged attorneys naively believe they can tackle security themselves, only to find they’re way out of their depth.

It’s like dropping Google Maps heroes in the forest without a map, compass or mobile device: misplaced confidence quickly melts when darkness and wolves start to gather.

Exploitation of this imbalance has become big business. Hackers have smelled the blood and now specifically target lawyers (and sensitive client data), successfully breaching 29% of firms in 2019

Anxious attorneys started calling us for security help, but most were solo practitioners who didn’t fit our managed services profile plan and were regrettably turned away, as we had a ten user minimum. I answered their questions, offered some guidance and tips, and wished them luck…but felt awful about not being able to do more.

Calls continued with escalating urgency, revealing the breadth of the issue and its recurring theme: solo and small firm lawyers were overwhelmed by cybersecurity issues and didn’t know where to turn. Online answers proved confusing and time-consuming, while external solutions were enterprise-level and well out-of-reach for small firms due to the standard 10 or 25 user minimums in use by most IT companies.

The answer seemed obvious (and familiar) to me: underserved firms needed a bundled outsourced solution that leveraged their collective size, tailored services to their scale, and monitored their systems remotely 24/7…our IT approach adapted for cybersecurity.

When I searched for such a provider I could refer these frightened firms to, I discovered none existed. I double-checked, asked around, then realized what had to be done.

Becoming the change we wished to see in the world, we created BobaGuard.

Why Us?

Having already curated best-in-class legaltech solutions for underserved firms, we’re perfectly positioned to supply cybersecurity to solo practitioners and small practices. After 16 years remotely delivering leading-edge tech in the legal field nationwide, our experience goes well beyond software and tools to the nature of the legal business and needs of the profession.

1. We know security: Naturally, our primary qualification is cybersecurity expertise. We stay ahead of the bad guys and atop of developing dangers while letting you sleep at night with safe data. Our team knows the cyber threat environment so you don’t have to.

2. We know law firms: Any security solution that sees you as just a small business isn’t nuanced enough for your needs. We are not a tech service, we are a legaltech service that works primarily with law firms. We understand the demands of your profession, we know the software you depend on, we accommodate the erratic workflow of your trade and soothe unique pain points you face every day.

3. We know digital delivery: We adopted the remote service model for GlobalMacIT providing services throughout the US when that approach was in its infancy, and have perfected it to the point that BobaGuard will be part of your office no matter where your office is located. As one client put it, “It’s tremendous. In seven years, I’ve never met your team in person but every problem has been resolved.” That functionality is ideal for cybersecurity, which requires constant proactive vigilance rather than house calls after the fact.

If that’s not enough (boy, you’re tough), consider two more reasons:

1. We’re the only option that hears you! Remember, we started BobaGuard because the marketplace only offers comprehensive solutions for bigger firms.
2. Our independent approach means that you get the best version of every available protection. Let me explain…

The BobaGuard Free Agent Approach

Today’s cyber threats are much more than viruses, they’re multi-pronged menaces requiring overlapping layers of defense. That’s partly why cybersecurity is so overwhelming: no single silver bullet supplies sufficient protection, but who has the time or knowledge to patch together an all-encompassing plan?

We do.

We’re like a general contractor…a GOOD general contractor. Instead of individually looking for plumbers, electricians, painters, carpenters, drywallers, pavers and more, you hire one expert to assemble your team.

Better yet, since we’re independent (unlike enterprise solutions), we can carefully curate the best-in-class service for every level of the solution stack.

And you’re never locked into a fading legacy provider. With best practices constantly evolving, so is our roster of partners – we’re always looking for the best and most modern solutions available, and working them into the plan.

By painstakingly curating optimal providers, we’re able to address inherent problems at each level individually.

Training is too boring!
We find engaging programs that don’t suck.

Premier solutions don’t sell individual licenses!
We purchase them in bulk and pass through the savings to our clients.

Tiresome chores (patches, updates, activation, backups) interrupt workflow!
We automate security-critical computer maintenance tasks in the background.

Startup will take too long — I’m busy!
All we need from you is a single, one-hour phone call to activate all of the security layers included in BobaGuard, the rest is handled remotely by our agents.

We do the work to assemble an all-star team of talent, then bundle them into a turnkey solution for you (detailed below). Suddenly, cybersecurity isn’t so overwhelming.

Come to think of it, I guess we ARE the silver bullet…and you have no more reasons to procrastinate

BobaGuard Plan

Comprehensive protection requires a comprehensive plan, and we leave no angle uncovered; even the best Mexican party dips only have 7 layers, but BobaGuard gives you 8!

Grab a chip, and let’s dig in…

Our first three stages are integrated tech tools set up quickly upon enrollment:

1. Credential Protection. Everyone knows password hygiene is important, but no one wants to put in the work…which is why we’ve automated the process. We set up a team-based password vault that generates unique complex codes for you and stores them securely (allowing encrypted sharing or auto-filling).

2. Dark Web Monitoring. Credentials are often corrupted indirectly when third-party services are breached and stolen passwords are sold off to hackers on the Dark Web. We use best-in-class tools to monitor that malicious marketplace and proactively find exposed info before deep damage is done. As soon as your compromised credentials are found, you are alerted and can take proactive measures to change and secure your password.

3. Tech Maintenance. We manage the tedious-but-critical security issues and keep devices up-to-date without interrupting your workflow. Using remote tools in the background, we patch exploitable flaws, update software, maintain antivirus and malware protection, and monitor/block suspicious URL activity.

Next, we work to reduce human error and empower staff’s ability to identity and stop threats:

4. Cybersecurity Training. It’s important to keep teams vigilant against tricky tactics, but we all know that training sessions usually suck. That’s why we sought out the most engaging solution. No more long, boring, monotonous training videos — our solution uses fun, engaging, storytelling techniques in videos that drive home key messages efficiently and memorably in 7-minute segments. Think “Cybersecurity Simpsons”! Sessions are also spaced out monthly to avoid fatigue and maximize retention.

5. Phishing Simulations. Today’s most prevalent and evasive cybersecurity threat is phishing: hackers using cleverly disguised emails to trick recipients into disclosing passwords. With these attacks growing more sophisticated, recognition is a specific focus of our training program and one that we test regularly. By sending convincing (but harmless) phishing emails, we can assess which team members have sharp eyes and which would fall prey to phishing emails – then immediately provide training.

Any sensible strategy is prepared for contingencies, so our final layers are in place in case a lapse should occur.

6. IT Security Policies. Using carefully crafted templates, we provide a protective protocol to follow in case a breach occurs. These detailed instructions not only keep cool heads under pressure and minimize damage, but satisfy compliance standards imposed by certain bar associations, insurers, regulators, or clients.

7. Email Backup. The surest way to avoid the destruction or ransoming of business-critical data is to back it up securely, ensuring that it can be recovered. It’s another service that runs in the background, only noticeable when you need it. This backs up all data (emails, contacts, calendars, to-dos, and more) in Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

8. Automated Phishing Defense Platform. Protects you from cybercriminals posing as trusted contacts. Detect and block 99.9% of sophisticated email attacks before they ever reach employee inboxes.

That’s a lot of protection, but requires almost no effort, no time, no risk, and no expense on your part!

If those layers were individually available to solo practitioners, they would cost almost $600/month…BobaGuard is $80 per month for up to ten users, $70 per month for 11 – 20 users, $60 per month for 21 – 50 users (if you have 50+ users, contact us, and we’ll talk!)

Sign up today and we’ll have all layers active within 14 days, with almost all of the on-boarding enacted remotely — only a one-hour Zoom call is required on your end. And there’s no long-term contract; billing is month-to-month and with an even bigger discount if you pay for a full year.

Comprehensive, easy, affordable, and satisfaction guaranteed?
I’m genuinely curious what excuses you have left.

Last Pitch

Cybersecurity is a critical, high stakes issue — especially in the practice of law. Attorneys possess sensitive data and a fiduciary duty to clients, but don’t have the training or the time to do cybersecurity right.

For you, a breach is more than disruptive, it can be catastrophic: lost data, liability for damages, shredded reputations and a scarlet letter on the public record threatening future business.

You know you need to do something, yet keep kicking the can down the road...I’ll wait until I have time…I’ll wait until my practice is bigger…I need to figure out where to start…I need to find someone who can help.

The bad news is: you’re in the crosshairs and time is running out.
The good news is: BobaGuard has your back.

Building on 16 years of experience supplying remote IT assistance to small law firms, we’ve constructed a multi-layer best-in-class cybersecurity suite from the ground up, tailored to meet micro-practice needs.

Starting at only $80/month, BobaGuard will have you and your other team members protected – guarding credentials, securing devices, monitoring identities, training staff, backing up data, and insuring your practice against loss.

Turn the key to get us started.

Cancel if you’re unhappy.

Sleep better starting tonight.

If you don’t have the tools in place to protect your firm, Cybercriminals can and will steal your credentials and cause havoc… Everything you’ve worked so hard to build within your law firm could be lost.

Grab our “Security Checklist for Busy Lawyers” and see how secure your firm is.

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The Security Checklist for Busy Lawyers

The Security Checklist for Busy Lawyers