Are you concerned about your firm's cybersecurity?

Are you worried about your team member's password use?

Are you concerned about your firm's cybersecurity?

Are you aware that password management is a critical aspect of effective cybersecurity, and that failing to implement strong password policies could leave your business vulnerable to cyber attacks?

SSST #8: Implement Identity Theft Prevention Tactics

So many of us don’t consider security until it’s too late.

Whether in business or personal life, identity theft is a unique nightmare worth doing your best to avoid.

Tip #8: Implement Identity Theft Prevention Tactics

A few bad things that bad people can do with your ID information:

  • Apply for credit cards or loans in your name.
  • Withdraw funds from your bank account.
  • Obtain medical care using your health insurance.
  • Steal your tax refund using your social security number.
  • Sell your information to other criminals.
  • Conduct fraud by creating fake social media profiles with your name and photo.
  • Blackmail you in case they have sensitive information that could damage your public reputation.

These are the most common reasons why identity theft happens:

  • Entering information on phishing websites that mimic the real thing (like a fake Facebook website)
  • Not using up-to-date security software
  • Buying products from shady websites
  • Using public WiFi
  • Not secure the router
  • Using weak login credentials
  • Using the same login credentials in many places
  • Having weak privacy settings on social media

If you can avoid making these mistakes, it will be much harder for criminals to get a hold of your identity and run havoc on your business. This week’s post is more just a what not to do.

See that list up above. Don’t do it. Lesson over. 

Could it be any easier?

Make sure you pick a strong password (not your birthday!) and keep it somewhere safe in case you forget it.

Thanks for reading our series on Stupid Simple Security Tips for Mac users.

Keep reading our blog for even more helpful tips and tricks!

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The Security Checklist for Busy Lawyers

The Security Checklist for Busy Lawyers