Are you concerned about your firm's cybersecurity?

Are you worried about your team member's password use?

Are you concerned about your firm's cybersecurity?

Are you aware that password management is a critical aspect of effective cybersecurity, and that failing to implement strong password policies could leave your business vulnerable to cyber attacks?

SSST #51 – Protect Your Backups: How to Prevent Backup Deletion Ransomware Attacks

As a law firm, you store sensitive client information on your computer systems. To protect this information, you likely have a backup system in place to ensure you can recover your data in case of an emergency. However, did you know that cybercriminals can target and delete your backup files through a type of ransomware attack known as Backup Deletion? 

In this type of attack, cybercriminals gain access to your system through phishing emails, software vulnerabilities, or social engineering tactics. Once they have access, they can delete or encrypt your backup files, making it impossible for you to recover your data without paying the ransom.

To protect yourself from Backup Deletion attacks, there are a few steps you can take:

  1. Regularly back up your data to an off-site location: This is crucial. If your backup files are stored on the same system as your main files, they are vulnerable to the same attack. Make sure to store your backup files on a separate system or in a cloud-based storage system.
  2. Implement security measures: Anti-virus software, use of a password manager, and two-factor authentication are all important measures to prevent cyberattacks. Make sure your software is up to date and your security measures are configured correctly.
  3. Educate your staff: Phishing emails are a common way for cybercriminals to gain access to your system. Make sure your staff is trained to recognize and report suspicious emails and other potential security risks.

Remember, Backup Deletion attacks can be devastating for your law firm. By regularly backing up your data to an off-site location and implementing strong security measures, you can help prevent these types of attacks from occurring.

If you want expert guidance and comprehensive protection for your law firm’s cybersecurity, schedule a strategy call with one of BobaGuard’s Security Solutions Advisors. Our team understands the unique needs of law firms and can help you keep your sensitive data secure. 

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The Security Checklist for Busy Lawyers