Podcast: The Law Entrepreneur

I recently joined Neil Tyra on his popular podcast The Law Entrepreneur for an honest discussion about the current cybersecurity landscape and threats facing solo and small firm practitioners. It was my fourth visit to the show, which always features a lively conversation about issues confronting lawyers running their businesses.

Unnerved by constant headlines about hacks, data breaches, and ransomware, Neil specifically wanted to explore those online dangers and how attorneys can protect themselves and their clients.

We cut to the heart of the matter with a wide-ranging talk covering ransomware, phishing attacks, security training, cyber insurance, the dark web, nostalgic strolls through IT history, movie quotes, and more.

As a practicing attorney and lifelong entrepreneur, Neil really knows his stuff. Check out this episode (#273 in his long-running series), and subscribe to the podcast for a steady stream of tips addressing everything they didn’t teach you about running a firm in law school.

Tom Lambotte is the CEO and Founder of Security+, an all-in-one security solution for solo and small firm lawyers. They provide leadership and direction to transform law firm operations and boost profits by leveraging technology.

Tom’s methods are based on over a decade of research, testing, and real-world refinement of best practices, working directly with law firms. Tom is the author of Hassle Free Mac IT Support for Law Firms and Legal Boost: Big Profits Through an IT Transformation and has a forthcoming book being published by the ABA Law Practice Division titled Macs in Law. He is a highly sought after speaker at national events such as the ABA Techshow and MacTrack Legal.

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