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BobaGuard is proud to provide the most trusted turnkey cybersecurity suite in the legal industry to members of the King County
Bar Association. Unlike generic cybersecurity solutions, BobaGuard was built with the legal professionals in mind, giving them a way to protect their practice and client’s information from dangerous hackers. With BobaGuard, you can protect your firm from cybercriminals and still have the time to build your practice.

Reduce Human Error

Reducing human error and empowering your team’s ability to identify and stop threats by providing Cybersecurity Training and Phishing Simulations.

Proactive Security Tools

Working behind the scenes to strengthen your security posture are Dark Web Monitoring, Password Protection Vault and Monitoring, Maintenance and Patching for Macs and PCs with Antivirus and DNS web protection.

Contingency Strategy

If something does go wrong, and your firm experiences a breach, our library of IT Security Policies, along with protection for 365 and G-Suite Workplace data ensure you are prepared.

“Before learning about BobaGuard, I was so busy building my new firm that taking the time to research dozens of security solutions and then implement was continually pushed off. I knew how critical taking the right security measures was to my firm, but I was instantly overwhelmed and didn't know where to start.

With BobaGuard in place, I am now far more equipped to handle today’s most relevant cyber security threats. Most importantly, I have now addressed the biggest risks which I was previously unprotected from, allowing me to focus on building my new firm and serving my clients.

Galvin Kennedy
Kennedy Law Firm, LLP Houston, TX

“My previous version of “cyber-security” was running automatic updates, crossing my fingers, and hoping nothing went wrong.

I knew more was needed but couldn’t find a comprehensive package worth the effort and investment.

When I saw all That BobaGuard offered, I signed up and am glad I did.

With email backup, security training, verified software updating/patching, and ALL the other benefits, BobaGuard has been a great fit that I’d recommend to any firm handling sensitive data.

Albert Thiel, Esq
Thiel Law NM, LLC Albuquerque, NM

“Running a 7-attorney firm with a mix of Macs and PCs, I didn’t believe any security service provider could cater to our situation. BobaGuard met all of our needs.

Their guided concierge set-up was quick and easy (less than 60 minutes!), their system works for all our devices, and the security awareness training is actually fun!

BobaGuard constantly checks/updates our machines remotely and now I have the peace of mind I yearned for prior to finding this solution.

It’s a great comfort knowing that someone is watching out for us and that our data is protected - I feel confident with BobaGuard.”

Nancy Lanard
Senior Partner Lanard and Associates Plymouth Meeting, PA

The Fastest and Simplest Way to Implement 8 Best-In-Class Cybersecurity Protections in Your Law Practice

Committed to Keeping
Your Law Firm Safe

Even though it might not seem like it, it's never been easier to put the right security solutions in place that will drastically lower your risk of experiencing a data breach. It's possible to apply best-in-class security protocols to protect your law firm from a data breach, without wasting time (and money).

There are hundreds of lawyers we've already helped attorneys in all practice areas throughout North America who are fully confident in their security measures -they have drastically reduced their risk of a data breach while simultaneously leveraging their comprehensive security measures into a differentiator something your competition is behind on.

While working with these lawyers I've discovered one clear lesson there is a proven formula for reducing your risk of a data breach, while also increasing your protection.

The process is now quite simple, and you can use it to fill the gaps in your security measures and fortify your law practice from cybercriminals.

The preferred
Cybersecurity partner
for King County Lawyers

BobaGuard is for you if...

  • You want to do everything you can to protect your most valuable asset: your hard-earned experience and strong reputation.
  • You don't want to worry about ransomware, loss of client data or employees providing access to cybercriminals by getting phished.
  • You want to secure and maximize your firm's value with the potential of selling either in the short or long term.
  • You have zero desire to keep up with the security landscape that changes by the day.
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Resources for King County Bar Association Members

Security Checklist For Busy Lawyers

Keep criminals out of your law practice and your pockets by making smart cybersecurity choices.
Grab our checklist today.

Sign up for our weekly series of strategy and security tips to protect your solo and small law firm. These are in a short, to the point and fun format.

Legal Opinions

ABA Opinion 477R: Securing Communication of Protected Client Information.

"Cybersecurity recognizes a … world where law enforcement discusses hacking and data loss in terms of ‘when,’ and not ‘if…’"

ABA Opinion 498: Virtual Practice Reality

These guidelines compel all attorneys to secure their tech infrastructure and ensure compliance from all whom they supervise, whether a solo practitioner working from their guest room or a big firm with a remote IT department.

ABA Opinion 483: Lawyers’ Obligations After an Electronic Data Breach or Cyberattack:

"Discusses the obligations of monitoring for a data breach, stopping a breach, restoring systems, and determining what occurred."

The opinion concludes:
Even lawyers who, (i) under Model Rule 1.6(c), make “reasonable efforts to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of, or unauthorized access to, information relating to the representation of a client,” (ii) under Model Rule 1.1, stay abreast of changes in technology, and (iii) under Model Rules 5.1 and 5.3, properly supervise other lawyers and third-party electronic-information storage vendors, may suffer a data breach. When they do, they have a duty to notify clients of the data breach under Model Rule 1.4 in sufficient detail to keep clients “reasonably informed” and with an explanation “to the extent necessary to permit the client to make informed decisions regarding the representation.”

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