Our turnkey security solution includes the 8 security layers to protect your law practice.

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Every plan includes:

  • Cybersecurity training - Fun cybersecurity training (that doesn’t suck) and can't be bypassed
    Security awareness training to keep security top-of-mind for everyone on your team.
  • IT Security Policies
    The ABA TechReport 2020 states that in 2019, a full 58% of solo lawyers did not have any such policies in place
  • Team-Based Password Vault and Process Documentation Tool
    From a team-based password vault to checklists, to security features like audit trail, version history, and SOC 2 compliance, MyGluehas everything you need to manage your passwords and document your standard operating procedures.
  • Proactive Monitoring, Maintenance, and Patching for Mac and PC with Antivirus and Web Protection
    Free yourself and your staff from the tedious busywork of keeping your computers up-to-date, check the box for Antivirus protection, and cut down your phishing attacks with web protection.

  • Automated Phishing Defense Platform - Today's email attacks routinely bypass security controls such as secure email gateways, Office 365 security, and Google Workspace security. Automated Phishing Defense is an automated email security platform that protects your entire workforce from cybercriminals posing as trusted contacts, providing substantial security against disasters like Ransomeware, Business Email Compromise (BEC), Account Takeover (ATO), and other advanced threats.
  • Dark Web Monitoring
    Verizon's recent Data Breach Report showed that 81% of hacking-related breaches used either stolen or weak passwords.
  • Protection for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace Data
    77% of companies using Saas applications (in the cloud) suffer a data loss incident over a 12-month period.

    Google and Microsoft are focused on fixing their own mistakes. But they're not responsible when you make a mistake.
  • Phishing Training for Employees
    Did you know that 91% of successful data breaches started with a phishing attack?

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Better Than Risk Free Guarantee

If you’d like to sign up, all of the risk is on us with a better-than-risk-free guarantee. I believe in the value so much that I’m willing to offer a full refund AND will send you a check for $253 (avg billable hour in the US) if you go through the setup and are not satisfied. Our mission is to increase the security of solo and small law firms so they can focus on what they do best.