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SSST #27: Bait Shop: Google Docs

Phishing is one of cybersecurity’s most serious threats…and the one most preventable by users. Knowing what to look for can steer you clear of these traps that target your network and identity. Since awareness is your best defense, I’ll occasionally

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Podcast: The Law Entrepreneur

I recently joined Neil Tyra on his popular podcast The Law Entrepreneur for an honest discussion about the current cybersecurity landscape and threats facing solo and small firm practitioners. It was my fourth visit to the show, which always features

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Tip #26 – Proactive Protection

We’ve addressed the detection of compromised passwords and what to do if your credentials are stolen. Now it’s time to play offense and use proactive measures to avoid future catastrophes. True cybersecurity isn’t about limiting damage but preventing breaches and

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Tip #25 – Stolen Credentials: What Now?

We’ve seen that Dark Web monitoring (included with Security+) is the most effective method for swiftly detecting stolen credentials…but what should you do after discovering that passwords are compromised? First, follow advice from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and

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SSST#24 Dude Where are my Credentials

Tip #24 – Dude, Where are My Credentials?

Credential theft is the most common and costly of all cybercrimes, yet most don’t understand the threat…and many don’t even know when they’ve been victimized. In the next few articles, we’re going to explore the nature of these attacks, how

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Tip #23 – Dark Web, Darker News

Continuing our series on COVID-driven cybersecurity threats, let’s take a look at the Dark Web: a nefarious presence that seems almost fictional but is the home to some very real threats. You may not know what the Dark Web is,

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SSST #32 – The Threat is No Myth

PLEASE STAND BY FOR AN EMERGENCY WARNING FROM THE SSST BROADCAST SYSTEM – THIS IS NOT A TEST! Apple has just issued an urgent software update addressing a critical cyber threat to its entire product line – make sure you

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Prophets and Profits

If you’re looking for an interesting podcast that focuses on the business side of the legal profession, let me recommend Profit with Law, created by Moshe Amsel. I recently recorded my second episode with Moshe, in which we really dug

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