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Friend or Foe: Employees as Security Threats

Hosting legal tech webinars and consulting with lawyers has opened my eyes to attorneys’ greatest cybersecurity misconceptions: their firms are too small to be targeted, and that simple firewalls keep bad guys at bay. The truth is that businesses of … Read More

Weaving a Tale – – Woven Legal

Around the start of the millennium, an information revolution created a glaring gap in the legal marketplace: Big Law was modernized, but smaller firms were stranded when they couldn’t afford IT departments. So I started a company to fill the … Read More

SSST #34: The Language of Lies

I often take time to warn about phishing attacks, and for a very good reason: THEY’RE EVERYWHERE! Email scams have significantly surged during the pandemic, exploiting our fear, confusion, and remote working situations. Two million new phishing websites registered in … Read More

Chatting with Mr. Chatbot

If you missed our recent webinar covering the cutting edge of legal marketing technology with Jared Correia, you’re in luck — a recording of the conversation is available in our archives. It was a great talk that you’ll want to … Read More

SSST #33 – Bait Shop: Dirty Window

We’re taking a quick break from our series on security layers to return to the Bait Shop for an alert about a fresh phishing scam making the rounds. Microsoft recently announced its flagship operating system would soon be”going to eleven”–Windows … Read More

SSST #32 – The Threat is No Myth

PLEASE STAND BY FOR AN EMERGENCY WARNING FROM THE SSST BROADCAST SYSTEM – THIS IS NOT A TEST! Apple has just issued an urgent software update addressing a critical cyber threat to its entire product line – make sure you … Read More

Prophets and Profits

If you’re looking for an interesting podcast that focuses on the business side of the legal profession, let me recommend Profit with Law, created by Moshe Amsel. I recently recorded my second episode with Moshe, in which we really dug … Read More

SSST #31: Boba’s on Guard

Credential corruption is the most invasive menace among today’s many cybersecurity threats. When criminals have your passwords, they can infiltrate your systems and empty accounts before you ever know you’re in danger. BobaGuard’s 8-layer turnkey solution features several methods to … Read More

SSST #30: In Case of Emergency

Last week started a series assessing cybersecurity challenges and explaining BobaGuard’s turnkey approach to each one. We kicked off with a spotlight on security awareness training that battles breaches caused by hacking and phishing.  Next up: planning ahead with security protocols. What’s … Read More

SSST #29: Easy eight

As the BobaGuard train chugs coast-to-coast, showcasing the first turnkey cybersecurity solution for solo/small/mid-sized law firms, the aspect most attractive to audiences has been our eight interlocking layers of protection. If the best Mexican dips only require seven layers, who … Read More


The Security Checklist for Busy Lawyers

The Security Checklist for Busy Lawyers