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It's Time To Protect Your Solo Practice From Cyberthreats.


Protect your law practice from the cybersecurity threats you know and the ones you don’t in just 30 days. (without the overwhelm of doing it all on your own)

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Yes, It Can Happen To You!

With the average billing rate of lawyers at $253 and less than 60% of your time being spent practicing law, your time is simply too valuable to play IT security detective.

According to the 2020 Thomson Reuters State of U.S. Small Law Firms report, roughly 60% of a small firm attorney’s time is spent practicing law. That means that 40% is spent elsewhere. And given that practicing law is what attorneys are paid to do, it is no surprise that 64% of respondents said spending too much time on administrative tasks is a significant challenge.

Time being a finite commodity, small firm lawyers should be focused on finding efficient solutions to internal operations and management to optimize the amount of time they can spend practicing law.

In fact, right now, you may:
And most lawyers have no idea the detrimental impact and cost a data breach can wreak upon their lives and law practice.
Have you realized your biggest threat may be internal, not external?
All of these potential security breaches can be avoided with the proper training and monitoring tools that alert someone who is in a position to take corrective action.

What Most Solos and Small Law Firms Get Wrong About Security:

A few years back, one of our clients, a leading South Texas law firm came dangerously close to experiencing a data breach

We always told ourselves security was a top priority – but this day we realized we had to do more.

From the moment that close call occurred, we decided we were going to figure it out… 

My team spent hundreds of hours researching, testing, and implementing the security solutions demanded by today’s ever-changing security threats. 

Our search was simple: find the best solutions to provide comprehensive protection to our clients – without breaking the bank.

Over many years, we refined our solutions and expanded our layers of security we provided our clients until we finally felt confident.

In the very same way that lawyers are prime targets for data breaches due to their collection of highly sensitive data – so are we, as an IT company. For this reason, we test, use, and depend on these solutions as our businesses depend on them – because they do. 

I put my trust in the suite of security solutions we use to protect my livelihood – my business – to ensure both my family and work-family are secure.

Since we standardized this set of security solutions and rolled them out to our clients, I have reached a new-found level of confidence that our company and clients are fully protected. (Along with greatly reduced stress levels!)
Now, I’d like to invite you to take a step to significantly reduce your risk of suffering a data breach so you can stop worrying about security and get back to building your law practice and serving your clients…

Yes, It Can Happen To You!

Although “that won’t happen to me” is a common thought amongst lawyers, 
29% of law firms have been breached.
These data breaches are costing more than ever before,
with an average cost of a data breach for small businesses at $108,000.
And, lost money isn’t the only matter at stake.

Now imagine what would happen to your business if you found yourself spending hours upon hours employing external professionals, trying to minimize the loss of clients, paying your staff more wages as they struggle to get all the work done with the additional workload of addressing a data breach.

Not to mention the damage to your reputation and trust you worked so hard to build.

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The proven, comprehensive security solution you can implement in one 60-minute virtual meeting with our team to greatly reduce the risk of your practice getting hacked.

All the Security Protection
You Need in One Place

Cybersecurity training - Fun cybersecurity training (that doesn't suck) and can't be bypassed

$250,000 Cyber
Insurance Policy

IT Security Policies

Email Backup

Proactive Monitoring, Maintenance, and Patching for Mac and PC with Antivirus and Web Protection

Phishing Training
for Employees

Dark Web Monitoring

Team-Based Password Vault and Process Documentation Tool

Now, you might be thinking:

"I don't have enough time for this..."

In real-time, a cybercriminal was reading and responding to emails from Jason’s opposing counsel’s email account.

This was NOT the first time I heard of this type of attack from a direct source.

The threat of a compromised email account is far more complex and advanced today than most people realize. 

Do you know it is common for cybercriminals to sit in the shadows and read your emails?

Think you don't need this, think again...

This client was about to begin services with us when they were hit with CryptoLocker, then they went dark for 6 months. 

As a result, David Eltringham’s personal injury practice lost hundreds of thousands of dollars and future business. The financial impact of this incident is immeasurable. 

Do you have automated tools that protect and keep your computers up to date? Few small firms do, leaving themselves exposed to these types of attacks.

“Not me, I'm too small of a target..."

On May 14th, 2018, Shannon Smith, a solo family law attorney in northern Connecticut, filed her Notice of Data Breach with the Attorney General’s office.

Nine days prior, she learned an unauthorized party had accessed her case management software. 

Just like many solo lawyers, she thought data breaches like this only targeted the big firms. She never thought this would happen to her.

Who We Work With + What They're Saying:

“My previous version of “cyber-security” was running automatic updates, crossing my fingers, and hoping nothing went wrong. I knew more was needed but couldn’t find a comprehensive package worth the effort and investment.

When I saw all that Security+ offered, I signed up and am glad I did.

With email backup, security training, verified software updating/patching, and ALL the other benefits, Security+ has been a great fit that I’d recommend to any firm handling sensitive data.”

Albert Thiel, Esq.
Thiel Law NM, LLC

“Tom’s security class was concise, clear and actionable. I am now far more equipped to handle today’s most relevant cybersecurity threats. Most importantly, I know how to address these risks which I was unprotected from so that I can focus on building my new firm.”

Galvin Kennedy
Kennedy Law Firm, LLP


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Keep Cybercriminals out of Your Law Practice and Your Pockets by Making Smart Cybersecurity​ Choices

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Keep cybercriminals out of your law practice and your pockets by making smart cybersecurity choices

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The Security Checklist for Busy Lawyers

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